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Feb 10, 2011
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Computer Networking

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Feb 6, 2013
    1. carlos471
      Can someone help me with how I configure Permissionex Residence please
      Help me I'm With difficulty I can I Sell More Pros Players He Is Not Allowed To Modify Blocks Why?
    2. mirroronthewall
      Please update MusicCraft, it's a great, unique plugin and me and my friend really really need it! Thank you :)
    3. BlancoLanda
      I hope you appear soon... We need you to update Residence plugin.
    4. decebaldecebal
    5. Smidds
      CB: 1060
      Residence: 2.3.9
      What happens: I'm trying to get (/res set [name] piston true) to work, However, everytime I do this, it tells me "The owner does not have permission to do that." or this... either way, I'd like to let you know that this is a small but important bug!
      (Also, no errors occur on start up, and no errors occur upon usage)
    6. sambhur96
      Hello Bekvon. I don't know about you read this but, for sure I have also wrote this at your residence thread. My server is using your plugin very much. Actualley we are based on your plugin. What I want to say with this is if you need a server where people can go and see your plugin in action we are open. Think about it.
    7. Aiamscat
      Please include at minimum the following information with all bug reports:
      CraftBukkit Version: latest
      Residence Version: 2.3.7
      What you were doing when the error occurred: typing /res on my server.
      If available, also include:

      Any server console error messages: an internal error occured while performing this action
      Other plugins that may be causing the issue: not what i know of.. worldguard?..
      1. Aiamscat
        Aug 16, 2011
    8. Daniel Niersbach
      Daniel Niersbach
      I need help with the plots. I made a plot (town) and i dont know how to give other players plots within the main plot.
    9. KrebsCOHO
      Would you be able to add in the following feature? It'd really save a lot of convenience!

      - Being able to expand the residence limits of a group/player using a command

      So for example typing if the limit was 30x30x30 and I wanted Bob to have a limit on his next residence to be 35x35x35 then it could be /res expand limits 35:35:35 Bob

      Something along those lines
    10. KrebsCOHO
      - Also a command so that you could expand the number of residences that a player is allowed?

      For example /res expand limits (add/subtract) 1 Bob

      - Is there a way to change the documentation of /res ?
      1. bekvon
        Yea, the /res ? text is at the bottom of the language file. There currently is no way to expand limits for just one player though, however a admin could create the residence for him.
        Jul 16, 2011
      2. KrebsCOHO
        Could I put in that suggestion so you could expand the limits for certain players?

        You've done a fantastic job thus far, I'd gladly donate however if you could add such an option I think it'd be spectacular and would definitely throw in some money.
        Jul 17, 2011
    11. danhaswings
      I made a how-to video on your Residence plugin, please add it to thread.
    12. jamescosten
      1. bekvon likes this.
    13. jamescosten
      hey mate i have been tasked with doing a review by woopa gaming. I have a quick question. When you set a flag does it charge you? Say if i wanted tnt protection i would pay £10 per block i want protected. Or is it free? Other than that i think this plugin works great and will be a pretty good video by myself. If you want to see some examples have a look at my sig for link to my youtube channel.
      1. bekvon
        Currently flag charges are free. However, now that Residence has its own Bukkit events, it would be easy for somone to make a seperate plugin that did, since there's a Bukkit event for everytime a flag changes :) Thats actually not a bad idea. I'll take a look at your youtube channel when I can.
        May 26, 2011
    14. Daniel Few
      Daniel Few
      Hey, lol i can't find private message :/ I started a convo with u and i sent you a request on the wiki. My wikispaces name is DanJames.
      I can start as soon as im authorised :)
      Thanks again,
    15. Identity62
      What kind of things do you want me to do on the wiki ? :)
    16. Identity62
      I sent you a request on the wiki.

      PS: I got your name wrong in the wiki request message, sorry for that. (I typed devkon I think ^^)
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    SC, USA
    Computer Networking


    My Bukkit Plugins - (My GitHub)[​IMG]
    Residence - Self Serve player area protections.
    MusicCraft - Play music scores from signs using note blocks.
    Parties - Lets players form parties.
    PlugMan - Console and In-Game Plugin Manager
    MCTelnet - Access the console from telnet.
    Bandages - Let players heal themselves with bandages.